selina."Populus me sibilat, at mihi plaudo Ipse domi simul ac nummos contemplar in arca"
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Everything about who I was is on there…

Everything about who I was is on there…

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Sherlock: Books vs. BBC 

   At my school a new class has been introduced for my year group. It’s called Interdisciplinary Learning. The idea of the class is to create whatever project we want. Straight away I jumped at my chance to have a project on Sherlock Holmes.

   My project is to create a model of the flat ‘221B Baker Street’ from the most recent BBC show, and compare it to what the flat would have looked like in the books (through a piece of writing). I decided that I was going to take a picture for every addition to my model and create a video to show my progress throughout the year, but this is still being edited. The model is still incomplete but I only have two chairs and two bookshelves to build (and perhaps some simpler furniture).

   If you want to know more then you can visit here. You can still help me with any writing I will be doing by visiting here and then sending in an ask or tweeting me here. Thank you all very much for your help and support, it has been absolutely fantastic!

-Lucy W

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Anonymous said:
Everytime I see your url, it reminds me of penne. So I think 'a batch of pasta'. Have a good day

penne-batch… I like it.

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I want to see Appledore… where you keep all the secrets, all the files, everything you’ve got on everyone. I want you to invite me.

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Did you bring your gun as I suggested?
Why would I bring my gun to your parent’s house for Christmas dinner?!
Is it in your coat?
Off we go then.

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Feels squishy. Is it supposed to feel squishy?FEEL THAT!

Feels squishy. Is it supposed to feel squishy?

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